BALL, 47129462, Agriculture, Case, Construction, T5050, T5.115, T5040, TR5-105, T5.105-T4, T6.150-T4 (2017-), T5060, T6040 ELITE, T6.160-T4 (2017-), T

47129462 BALL

  • $1.01 $1.01

CNH Original



  • 47129462


  • T5050
  • T5.115
  • T5040
  • TR5-105
  • T5.105-T4
  • T6.150-T4 (2017-)
  • T5060
  • T6040 ELITE
  • T6.160-T4 (2017-)
  • T6020 ELITE
  • T6060 ELITE
  • TR5-115
  • TR6.140
  • T5.105 EC-T4
  • T5.95 EC-T4
  • T6090 ELITE
  • TR6.130
  • T6020 DELTA
  • T5.105
  • T6080 ELITE
  • T6050 ELITE
  • T5.115-T4
  • T5.115 EC-T4
  • TR6.120
  • JXU 105
  • JXU 95
  • JXU 85
  • PUMA 180
  • PUMA 210
  • PUMA 155
  • PUMA 140
  • PUMA 125


  • Each box contains 1 item
Agriculture, Case, Construction


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  • Please do not hesitate to ask any part for John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Same, Deutz, Landini too.

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47129462, Agriculture, BALL, Case, CNH Original, Construction, FARMALL 105U EU, JXU 105, JXU 85, JXU 95, MAXXUM 100 X-LINE, MAXXUM 110 P.MULTICONTROLLER, PUMA 125, PUMA 140, PUMA 155, PUMA 180, PUMA 210, T5.105, T5.105 EC-T4, T5.105-T4, T5.115, T5.115 EC-T4, T5.115-T4, T5.95 EC-T4, T5040, T5050, T5060, T6.150-T4 (2017-), T6.160-T4 (2017-), T6020 DELTA, T6020 ELITE, T6040 ELITE, T6050 ELITE, T6060 ELITE, T6080 ELITE, T6090 ELITE, TR5-105, TR5-115, TR6.120, TR6.130, TR6.140,

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